Yosemite Poems
Thursday, July 17, 2003
The poems on this page were written following a visit to Yosemite by my wife and I. We camped in the park and experienced some wonderfil walks around the trails. Hopefully we will one day return for a further visit.

The Yosemite Bear

We arrived at the entrance around twelve o-clock,
They had said get there early as it gets chock-a-block,
The car park was empty, well what a surprise,
So we parker up the camper and meandered inside.

The ranger who welcomed us was very polite,
Handng out maps and pointing out sites,
But then he said something which gave us a scare,
"Please watch out for those pesky darned bears."

I thought bears were lovely I used to take one to bed,
And yes the one I had was also called Ted.
Named after the President who put forward the Act,
That saved the wilderness from being ransacked.

But bears in Yosemite have become quite a pest,
They love to eat toothpaste, chocolate and chips,
It seems Volkswagen Beetles are their favourite cars,
They bounce on the roof and treat them like toys.

But we’re in a camper home I said with some pride,
It’s quite a big one with a toilet inside,
Separate bedroom, microwave and TV,
No darned pesky bear is going to get me.

The Ranger he listened with a smile on his face,
Where do you come from, is England the place,
When I confirmed this he said with some glee,
Then to you dangerous wildlife is the tiny old bee.

Just do as I tell you and you’ll be quite safe,
Lock up your foodstuff in some secure place,
Leave nothing outside with a lingering smell,
Put the caps on the toothpaste, shampoo and gel.

So have a nice day now and have a good time,
Don't fall off a mountain take note of the signs.
And ho by the way now i don't mean to scare,
But please keep an eye out for pesky darned bears.

The Yosemite Bear 2

Panic, yes, Panic it’s the only thing to do,
When a great black bear is running at you.
Panic, yes Panic filled with despair
The great black bears are everywhere.

There’s one over there behind that tree,
One under the table looking at me.
They will be in the toilet, even the shower,
Always around at the midnight hour.

I could be relaxing drinking my beer,
Not worrying, watching shaking with fear,
Could be enjoying the wonderful views
If only the Ranger had not spread the news.

The bears in Yosemite are on the prowl,
The smell of the toothpaste making them growl.
They just want some chocolate peanuts and beer
They say you first smell them then they appear.

I think I just spotted one over there by the tree,
Quick lock the door San , he’s chasing me.
He’s definitely there behind that big log.
Why are you laughing?

"Its only a dog!!!"

El Capitan

Born of Magna thrust up from deep beneath thy feet.

Shaking the earth as I rose to reach towards the sky.

Now Millions of years have come and gone and I am here

El Capitan. .....

Both heat and cold have worked to shape my whole.

And Wind and storms have thrown their worst at me,

But here I am the rock that you behold,

"El Capitan"......

Now thousands of you come and stare at me ,

In voiceless hush you treat me like a shrine,

Yet I am less than any one of you., the rock

"El Capitan."...

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